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Great Sounds for the Percussionist


Deluxe Moroccan Cymbals, Castanets Called Karkaba or Qarkabeb

are made of iron with brass trim and leather straps. Approx. 8" long they are sold as a pair. Great rhythm instruments traditionally from North Africa. $75 pair

NEW Story Teller Sound Effects Sets

The intriguing sounds these instruments produce add another dimension of creativity and interest to the tales you tell.

The Small Story Teller Sound Effects Set includes a square Frame Drum with hand-painted natural skin from Morocco for tapping rhythms, a hardwood Cricket tone block/rasp from Vietnam that really ribbets when you rub it and an Energy Chime (A) for extra magic. Separately they would cost $68. Together as a set they are $59. Free shipping. Click the picture to buy.



The Deluxe Story Teller Sound Effects Set includes an Anklung rattle (F#) from Indonesia, an inlaid Egyptian dumbek with natural skin, a frame drum made by the Berbers of Morocco, a decorated gourd maraca from Peru, a Cricket rasp/tone block from Vietnam and a brass bell. Separately they would cost $134, but as a set they are $115. Free shipping. Click the photo to order.