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Home of world music instruments: including custom made monochords, gongs from China, Indonesia and India: chau gongs and wind gongs, singing gongs and opera gongs plus gong stands. We import singing bowls in several sizes: decorated black singing bowls and traditional singing bowls of seven different metals.Our bells range from 1″ to 12″; there are ankle bells, cow bells, brass bells, bells on a string, stone bells and bells with handles. We have prayer cymbals, small brass cymbals, finger cymbals and dance cymbals (manjira).

There are folk flutes and ocarinas: colorful ocarinas from South America, Aztec and animal design ocarinas from Mexico, and the Chinese ocarina called xun. Small percussion includes guiros, rasps, tone blocks and rattles: frog guiros, turtle guiros, fish, cricket, rabbit, pig and porpoise guiros as well.

Our World In Tune tm program for world music (K-12), features authentic world instruments and presents an integrative curriculum with world music as the core. We are happy to present the music of the ancient civilizations, a study which has been given so little attention. The first of the World In Tune series covers just that area of music in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Sumer/Babylon, China, India and Greece. The curriculum is being used in schools and home schooling in the US. World In Tune includes a monochord for the study of musical intervals. In this way students learn music theory by playing and listening to intervals on the monochord.