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Home of world music instruments: including custom made monochords, gongs from China, Indonesia and India: chau gongs and wind gongs, singing gongs and opera gongs plus gong stands. We import singing bowls in several sizes: decorated black singing bowls and traditional singing bowls of seven different metals.Our bells range from 1" to 12"; there are ankle bells, cow bells, brass bells, bells on a string, stone bells and bells with handles. We have prayer cymbals, small brass cymbals, finger cymbals and dance cymbals (manjira).

There are folk flutes and ocarinas: colorful ocarinas from South America, Aztec and animal design ocarinas from Mexico, and the Chinese ocarina called xun. Small percussion includes guiros, rasps, tone blocks and rattles: frog guiros, turtle guiros, fish, cricket, rabbit, pig and porpoise guiros as well.

Our World In Tune tm program for world music (K-12), features authentic world instruments and presents an integrative curriculum with world music as the core. We are happy to present the music of the ancient civilizations, a study which has been given so little attention. The first of the World In Tune series covers just that area of music in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Sumer/Babylon, China, India and Greece. The curriculum is being used in schools and home schooling in the US. World In Tune includes a monochord for the study of musical intervals. In this way students learn music theory by playing and listening to intervals on the monochord.

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Music Information Corner for students and teachers

Also for music education there's Mozart's original musical dice game, Musikalisches Wurfelspiel, K516F, for guitar and piano. Mozart wrote Musikalisches Wurfelspiel, Melody Dicer tm for short, for amateur musicians. Musikalisches Wurfelspiel shows Mozart's love for musical fun. For the jazz buff, our Scott Joplin composing game creates ragtime tunes all based on the music of Scott Joplin.

The easy piano series I've Always Wanted to Play the Piano shows how to play piano and chords. This series consists of six books inroducing major and minor chords. We also publish the Tchaikovsky "Guide to the Practical Study of Harmony". Tchaikovsky wrote this book when he taught at the Moscow conservatory.

We publish the original laminated music charts for piano chords, more piano chords, reading music piano and scales, guitar chords, more guitar chords , barred chords for guitar, reading music guitar, fingerboard for bass guitar, fingerboard for guitar, chords for left hand guitar, banjo 5 string, bluegrass banjo, tenor banjo, ukulele, mandolin chords, mandolin fretboard or fingerboard, clarinet, sax or saxophone, flute, a chart for all recorders, trombone, trumpet and harmonica. Music theory charts include intervals, major and minor scales, music terms, music fundamentals (which includes music theory, how to read notes, scales, chords, and theory for the beginning musician) and music history charts.

We have world percussion including djembes, doumbeks, damarus and shaman drums. The djembes imported from West Africa come in various sizes. You'll find tambourines and drums from Egypt, Morocco, Nepal - the drums and tambourines from Egypt are decorated with inlay, the shaman drum from Nepal has a carved handle, the storyteller drums from Morocco are gaily painted, likewise the bodhrans from Ireland.. Brass doumbeks, aluminum doumbeks and clay doumbeks come from India, Pakistan and Egypt. Hand percussion includes folk and ceremonial damarus, castanets and thumb pianos, shakeres, agogo bells and rattles. There are elephant puppets, horse puppets and Indonesian rod puppets.

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