Carousel Chart Sale

Carousel Chart Sale!   The complete selection of our laminated chord and fingering, music theory and music history charts. They can be written on with a dry-erase marker.  Charts are  8 ½" x 11" unless otherwise noted.  Click on the chart to order.
Chords for Piano

Showing the most popular chords for Piano and how to play them. $5.95

More Chords for Piano

Picks up where the first Piano chart leaves off, showing the major 6th, minor 7th, major 7th, diminished 7th and 9th chords in all keys. $5.95

Reading Music Piano

Shows the corresponding note of every key on the piano. $5.95

Piano Chord Inversions

A valuable aid for playing the piano. Shows inversions for all major and minor chords, and shows how to invert diminished and augmented chords. $5.95

Chords for Guitar

Chords for Guitar shows the fingering for over 100 of the most popular chords for the instrument: major, 7th, major 7th, major 6th, minor, minor 7th, minor 6th, aug., dim. and 9th chords in all keys. $5.95

Left Hand Guitar

Left Hand Guitar shows the fingering for 120 of the most popular chords (for lefties): major, 7th, major 7th, major 6th, minor, minor 7th, minor 6th, augmented, diminished and 9th chords in all keys.  $5.95

Guitar Fingerboard

Guitar Fingerboard for playing melody on the guitar.  Every note of the instrument is shown. $5.95

Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar shows a fingerboard listing all the notes on the instrument. $5.95

Barred Chords for Guitar

Barred Chords for Guitar: make over 100 chords by using basic hand positions. $5.95

Reading Music Guitar

Reading Music Guitar shows  the guitar fingerboard with written notes pictured on each fret. $5.95

Chords for Bluegrass Banjo

Most Popular Chords for Bluegrass Banjo.  (G tuning). $5.95

Chords for Banjo 5-String

Over 100 of the most popular chords for banjo players. $5.95

Chords for Tenor Banjo

Over 100 of the most popular chords for tenor banjo players. $5.95

Reading Music Mandolin

Mandolin Fingerboard for Reading Music.  Shows how to play all notes on the Mandolin. $5.95

Chords for Mandolin

Most Popular Chords for Mandolin. $5.95

Chords for Ukulele

60 Popular Chords for Ukulele, a great little instrument to take on your travels. $5.95

Recorder Chart

Fingering Chart for the Recorder shows the fingerings for all recorders. $5.95

Flute Chart

Fingering Chart to learn Flute. Easy to use. Red dots show where to place your fingers. $5.95

Saxophone Chart

A fingering chart for all saxophones. $5.95

Clarinet Chart

A fingering chart for all the notes on the clarinet in 2 colors. $5.95

Trombone Chart

Shows the positions for notes on the trombone. $5.95

Trumpet Chart

All notes on the instrument are pictured — alternate fingerings are also shown. $5.95

Harmonica Chart

Most common notes and chords played on harmonica. Basic blues chords listed. $5.95

Easy Guide to Intervals


Modes in All Keys


All Major & Minor Scales


Circle of Fifths


Music Fundamentals in a Nutshell


Musical Terms


How to Read Gregorian Chant




Instruments of India


World In Tune Ancient Music Charts

Music of Sumer/Babylon


Instruments of Sumer/Babylon

12"x18"  $8.95

Instruments of Ancient Rome

12"x18". $8.95

Music of China


Instruments of Ancient China

12"x18", $8.95

Medieval Instruments

12"x18", $8.95

Music of India


Instruments of Ancient India

12"x18", $8.95

Musical Instruments Timeline

shows the instruments for the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Sumer and Babylon in Mesopotamia, China, India and Greece.  11"x 17", $8.95

Music of Greece


Instruments of Ancient Greece

12"x18", $8.95

Pre-Columbian Instruments

12"x18", $8.95

Music of Egypt


Instruments of Ancient Egypt

12"x18", $8.95