Didjeridoo,  (trumpet family) of  kiln dried bamboo with beeswax mouthpiece. Made and painted by the Australian Aborigines.  [DA] $120


Rag-Dung, (trumpet family) a collapsible  instrument used by Tibetan Buddhist monks. Imported from Nepal.  Open 8′ long. Closed,  3 1/2′ long. [THL]  $650


Khen  is a free-reed mouth organ from Thailand. Ancestor to the Western pipe organ, this unusual instrument has a sandlewood body with a mouthhole in one end.. It is held vertically between the hands so the fingers can stop the holes on either side of the instrument. Gaps where the pipes pass through the body are sealed with beeswax.
Small 17″, 12 pipes [KH2] $40

Large 3 1/2 ‘ 16 pipes [KH1] $89


Decorative Tibetan Dragon Horn[TDH] $50.


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