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Drums and Hand Percussion from Around the World


Carousel Publications presents world drums and ethnic percussion.

Africa: talking drums, djembes,slit drums, thumb pianos, balaphons, agogo bells,rattles, shakeres and cha chas.

India: tabla, dholak, dhol, monkey drum, nakari,doumbek, castanets, geeka, kabbas, sistrum, khartals, tal and duff drums.

Egypt and Morocco: berber drum, bongos, doumbeck, bendir, folk drums, tambourines and riq.

Nepal and Tibet: mahdal, ocean or pellet drum, shaman drum, damarus, and ghurka drum.

The Americas: cha chas, claves,guiro, rainsticks, pentagon and square duff drums, quackenets, tone blocks, tik tak, kayum, triangle and buffalo horn rattle.

Southeast Asia: rasp, sanh sua, song ban, cowbell, and mo gat.

Ireland: bodhrans.

This rich variety of percussion from around the world shows the attention given to music in various cultures. Today, in schools, through drumming circles and holistic healing, we are exploring music in a way which includes these various cultures and are finding our way to a more global view of music itself. If you are interested in this approach to world music, you may want to check out World In Tune (tm).


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