Deluxe Moroccan Cymbals, Castanets Called Karkaba or Qarkabeb

are made of iron with brass trim and leather straps. Approx. 8" long they are sold as a pair. Great rhythm instruments traditionally from North Africa. $75 pair

12" Triangle

Comes with beater. $35

These lovely Story Teller Animals are hand-carved in Vietnam. They are small relatives of the ancient Chinese tiger box. The tiger box was used to end music with a flourish by stroking its back three times with a stick. Hold these little ones -- you can call them guiros or rasps -- loosely in your hand or on your palm so they can resonate when you rub or tap them with the stick.

Cricket Guiro

Just rub his belly with the stick (included) to hear him sing. Hand-made in Vietnam. 5" long.  $18.


Pig Guiro (Rasp)

This lovely little pig has a turned-up nose and a jaunty tail.  Rub the stick along his belly or tap him. A nice gentle wood-block.  4″ long.   $22.00


spin drum, karate kid drum


Spin Drum

from India is a little drum shaped like a lollipop. Played by twirling the stick between the palms or fingers so that beads on strings alternately hit the heads. Also called a Karate Kid drum or Tik Tak drum.   $18



Chun Mo

3-tone block hand-made of acacia wood in Viet Nam. $49.95.

Elephant Kokiriko

A variation on a traditional Japanese instrument for making clacking sound effects.  Approximately 16" long. $45.

cat kokiriko percussion

Cat Kokiriko

Like the Elephant kokiriko, this instrument is hand-carved and crafted by skilled artisans in Indonesia.  Approximately 16" long. $45.



Musical Spoons

From Kenya, hand-made of resonant teak wood with natural horn handles. $22.





Kartal, Crotala

Rhythm instrument from India. Slip your thumb through the round hole and slip the other kartal over your fingers on the same hand. Just clap the two straight edges together, and you can jingle and tap along with your favorite music.   $24.

Ceremonial Damaru from Nepal

With embroidered carry case.
Large 6" diameter $125

Tongue Drum / Slit Drum

Two-toned Slit Drum from Cameroon, made of resonant padouk wood, is 14 inches long and 5 inches wide. Comes with a stick. $95

Large Gourd Shakere with Cowrie Shells

shakere with cowrie shells

Gourd Maracas from Peru

Hand Decorated Gourd Maracas from Peru are all unique. The design is burned into the gourd with very hot air. Play 2 together in one hand. Sold by the pair. $18.