because everyone loves music. Instruments from around the world for Musicians, sound effects for Story Tellers and special sounds for Drumming Circles and Meditation.   Free Shipping on orders over $50.

Deluxe Moroccan Cymbals, Castanets Called Karkaba or Qarkabeb

Iron with brass trim and leather straps. Approx. 8" long, sold as a pair. Traditionally from North Africa. $75 pair

Small Egyptian Dumbek

Beautiful inlay work is a feature of many Egyptian drums. This is a wooden drum with a natural skin head. Hand-made so there are slight variations, but each is around 8" tall with a 5" diameter head.  $45

Large Egyptian Dumbek

Cast aluminum dumbek with beautiful inlay, tunable Mylar head. 18" tall, extra Mylar head.  $350.


Chinese ocarina has a history that goes back more than 5,000 yrs. Used in both court music and Confucian rituals. An egg-shaped clay flute with a hauntingly beautiful sound. Black clay, with 7 holes in front, 2 in back. Played with a flute embouchure (like blowing into a bottle). Two sizes with gift box.

Small 3"  $40.

Large 3.5" $60

Octave Energy Chimes

Sound the complete A major scale. $49.95.


12" Triangle

Comes with beater. $35

Calabash Gourd Tambourine Shakers from Burkina Faso, with leather trim and cowrie shells. Set of large and small.


11" Ocean Drum

Pellets inside make it sound like the surf when the drum is tipped. From Nepal.  $60.

Tibetan bell medium

Tibetan Bell (Dril-Bu) 

An instrument used by Tibetan lamas in their sacred rituals, also called dril-bu (drilbu). Bells come with dorje. Click on the size that interests you.

Large 8.25" tall $74.95

Medium 6.25" tall $44.95

Small 5.5" tall  $34.95

Irish Bodhran

18" Celtic Cross Design, goatskin head. Beater included. $98

The "Toot-In-Time Band" rhythm band set includes the illustrated story book with music lessons and individual band arrangements of Yankee Doodle, London Bridge and Pop Goes the Weasel for 10 players and conductor. Instruments included: tambourine, castanets, rhythm sticks, 5 kazoos, slide whistle and washboard, with an animal conductor's baton. Carry bag included (not shown). 

Buy it now for $79.95

The Deluxe StoryDeluxe Story Teller Sound Effects Set Teller Sound Effects Set includes an Anklung rattle (F#) from Indonesia, an inlaid Egyptian dumbek with natural skin, a frame drum made by the Berbers of Morocco, a decorated gourd maraca from Peru, a Cricket rasp/tone block from Vietnam and a brass bell. Separately they would cost $134, but as a set they are $115. Free shipping. Click the photo to order.

pig guiro tone block

This lovely little pig has a turned-up nose and a jaunty tail.  Rub the stick along his belly or tap him. A nice gentle wood-block.  4″ long.   $22.00


Cricket Grasshopper Guiro

Just rub his belly with the stick (included) to hear him sing. Hand-made in Vietnam. 5" long.  $18.


Armadillo Ocarina

has a low woodsy tone. Unglazed terracotta with four holes, 7" long. From Mexico.  $28.

Kayum from Mexico

A terracotta drum dating back to the Mayan civilization. The prototype is over 2000 years old. It's a horizontal drum with 2 openings, one covered with leather. The kayum can rest on the forearm while the free hand plays the rhythm. It can also be played with one hand while the other hand moves across the open hole to change the pitch, or it can be used as a water drum. Approx. 10" long and 4.5" high.  Made in Mexico.  $129.



Ceremonial Damaru from Nepal

Embroidered carry case.
Large 6" diameter $125

Shaman Drum from Nepal

Hand-crafted wooden drum with a long handle shaped like the 3-sided Phurba Dagger, which signifies stability and the overcoming of obstacles.  The rattle sound is caused by sacred Rudraksha Seeds from the Rudraksha tree, said to be the tears of Shiva.  Handles individually carved, so they have slight variations. Drum is approx. 24 inches in length. Comes with beater.  Regular price: $350. 

Tongue Drum, Slit Drm African Rosewood

Tongue Drum / Slit Drum

Two-toned Slit Drum from Cameroon, made of resonant padouk wood, is 14 inches long and 5 inches wide. Comes with a stick. $95


Chile flute

Wooden Transverse Flute

This hand-crafted flute from a well-known artisan in Chile has a lovely tone. Unlike many wooden flutes, it is very light in weight. The larger holes are 1/2" in diameter. Light-weight, 17 inches long. $80

Story Tellers Drum (Square Frame Drum) from Morocco

Crafted by the Berbers (Imazighen) of North Africa, this frame drum is great for keeping rhythm without being too loud in a storytelling session. It is traditionally held in front of the chest and tapped with the fingers. Natural skin and hand painted, each drum is different.  Handy for travelling. Size 5″x5″  Reg. price $39.95 Sale $35.

Wooden Cowbell, Buffalo Bell Wall Hanging

Made in Thailand. Yoke approx. 15" across, the bell is 5.25" tall. 2 available. $69.

agogo bells gankogui

10" Double Bell, Gankogui

Clapperless double bell of forged iron from Ghana. Also called agogo bells, this larger bell is 6.5" long while the overall length is 10". Comes with beater. $44.95

8" Double Bell, Gankogui

Clapperless double bell from Burkina Faso. Also called agogo bells, the larger bell is 5" in length, while the overall length is 8". Beater included. $35.95

Stone Bell

Resonant Noah bell mounted on polished marble. Mallet is wrapped with leather to bring out a rich tone.

One of a kind. $89.95


Holiday Bells

on a belt hand-woven in Guatemala. Colors vary. $24.95


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This is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's original game for composing music, "Musikalisches Wurfelspiel", K516f. Comes with dice.   $22.95

Scott Joplin Melody Dicer Box Game

Special Sale: $39.95



World In Tune: Music in the Ancient World

Ancient Egypt, India, China, Sumer/Babylon, and Greece.

World In Tune TM  integrates history, art, humanities, math, theater, and dance with music as the core; and emphasizes rhythm, modes, listening and creating sounds. $39.95


Tchaikovsky Guide To The Practical Study of Harmony was written by Tchaikovsky for his own students at the Moscow Conservatory during the last century. $12.95

Pre Columbian Musical Instruments 11"x17". $12.95

Medieval Musical Instruments. 11"x17". $12.95

Musical Instruments of Ancient Greece. 11"x17". $12.95

Musical Instruments of Ancient Egypt. 11"x17". $12.95

Musical Instruments of Ancient Rome. 11"x17". $12.95

Musical Instruments of Ancient China. 11"x17". $12.95

Musical Instruments of Ancient India. 11"x17". $12.95

Large selection of Ocarinas, Zamponas, Panpipes and Flutes