Story Teller Animals

These lovely Story Teller Animals are hand-carved in Vietnam. They are small relatives of the ancient Chinese tiger box. Rub or tap them with the stick  o make nice rhythms. They are not recommened for children under 3 or 4 years old.

Cricket Guiro

Just rub his belly with the stick (included) to hear him sing. Hand-made in Vietnam. 5" long.  $18.

Pig Guiro (Rasp)

This lovely little pig has a turned-up nose and a jaunty tail.  Rub the stick along his belly or tap him. A nice gentle wood-block.  4″ long.   $22.00

Fish Guiro

The fish guiro is 6.5 inches long.  Buy it now for $24.

Rabbit Guiro

This chubby rabbit feels really nice to hold. Tap him with either the large or small end of the stick or rub it along the little bumps on his head. A lovely little instrument. 4 inches long. Only one left. Buy it for $22.

Gourd Maracas from Peru

Hand Decorated Gourd Maracas from Peru are all unique. The design is burned into the gourd with very hot air. Sold by the pair. Sizes vary, but they are all under 6 inches long. $35.

Story Teller Drum from Morocco

Crafted by the Berbers of North Africa, this square frame drum is great for keeping rhythm without being too loud in a storytelling session. It is traditionally held in front of the chest and tapped with the fingers. Natural skin and hand painted, each drum is different.  Handy for travelling. Size 5″x5″  $35.