Ocarinas are globular flutes that can be traced back to ancient China, ancient Egypt and the pre-Columbian Americas. The designs and styles shown here include replicas of  Aztec and Mayan originals. The Incas used ocarinas to relay messages in the Andes. The instruments have 4-12 holes, the pitch being determined by how many holes are covered with the fingers. The same fingering can produce 2 to 3 notes, depending on the way air is blown into the ocarina. The larger the vessel, the lower the tone. The following instruments are made of clay, the most important material used in the manufacture of pre-Columbian wind instruments, including trumpets.

Armadillo ocarina, very deep sound, from Mexico. Four or six holes, 7″ long. [ARMA] $24

Chinese ocarina Modeled after the ancient Chinese ocarinas. Black clay, with 7 holes in front, 2 in back. Played with a flute embouchure (like blowing into a bottle).The Chinese ocarina, called xun, or hsuan, has a history that goes back more than five thousand years. It was used in both court music and Confucian rituals. An egg-shaped clay flute with a hauntingly beautiful sound, it is classified by the Chinese as an earth instrument. Three sizes with gift box.
3.25″ long. [ocarc] $30.

4″ long [ocarcm] $35.

4.5″ long [ocarcl] $40.

These lovely clay ocarinas are from Peru. They are 4″ in diameter and have feet in the back so they can stand up on display. Designs and colors vary. [nelo] $20.PERUVIAN OCARINA




Terracotta Ocarina from Chile on leather cord. 4″ diameter;  full scale [TOC] $45

Geometic Design ocarina, from Mexico. 3 1/2″ long. [GDM] $24

Turtle ocarina,  unglazed terracotta.[UTO] $24

Glossy Black ocarinas,
Small [SBO] $14

Medium [SBO] $19.

Large [LBO] $25

Ocarinas with hand-painted geometric designs from Peru. 4 inches long. Assorted colors and designs. [GDO] $15



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