Panpipes are found in the oldest civilizations. One myth surrounding them is that Pan, the Greek god of the woods, was in love with a water nymph who ran away from him and changed herself into a reed. Brooding over the loss of his love, Pan made pipes from the reeds and played them to comfort him in his lonliness. Panpipes are rather simple to play. The embouchure needed is the same as blowing through a bottle, however, with much more pleasing results. To change a pitch of a pipe by a half step tilt it toward or away from you, depending on whether you want it higher or lower. The bamboo panpipes here are from the Andes.



Panpipes, 13 pipes diatonic  $30



Zampona small 13 pipes  $18

Zampona medium 13 pipes  $35


Zampona large 23 pipes  $60

Circular Panpipes The panpipes are blown into the circular end while twirling them between both hands. $24, Ltd

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