The Tibetan bells and dorjes are used by Buddhist monks in their religious ceremonies. Today these sounds are being used for meditation and health.
Bell mounted on Blue Stone with ethereal sound, Stone Bells ™ Traditionally, bells are sacred. The ancient civilizations of India, Sumer, China and Egypt all had bells. The great cathedral builders of Europe constructd magnificent towers to house their bells. In the liturgy of many Christian faiths, bells are rung in the holiest part of the service. Why does the bell hold such importance in so many cultures? Could its mystery lie in the fact that the bell sounds its fundamental tone and yet rings with the higher overtones of this basic sound? Do these sounds within sounds give the bell this quality of the sacred?

One function of bells is that they have become time keepers, at least in the centuries leading up to our era. Hearing a churchbell chime 3 times for 3:00 creates a sense of stillness, while our silent digital watches are usually a reminder of things to be done. Our association with this kind of clock gives us the feeling that time is running quickly, rushing us along with its hectic pace. On the other hand, the bell sounds as a pause on the hour, creating a different view of time, one which is more organic, more in tune with nature. These bells are handmade and rich in harmonics. The resonator is bluestone, used for its earthiness, a base for this more ethereal sound. This concept is very close to that of the ancient Chinese who, 5,000 years ago, believed that music is the regulating factor between the earth and the heavens. Today people also use bells for healing and meditation.

Ankle bells with cushion

Ankle bells with cushion (black).Sixty bells in all, thirty on each anklet. The cushions on these bells are well padded and the bells are bright sounding.

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ASSORTED CUSHIONED DANCING BELLS;   Each anklet has 20 bells, 40 bells per pair. Richly colored and very comfortable. Imported from India.

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Brass Bells on a string

Brass Bells on a string. Assorted : the number of bells on the colorful cord varies, depending on their size and shape

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energy chimes
Chimes producing the notes of A and E

Chimes producing the notes of A and E. These chimes have a sustained ethereal sound and are used by classroom teachers and holistic health practitioners.

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ghungroos. dancing bells
Ghungroos, Dancing Bells from India

Ghungroos, Dancing Bells from India  Ghungroos, Dancing Bells from India, 50 bells (25 bells on each cord) Also called Ankle Bells. Sold by the pair.

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