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Chinese Wind Gong


12 ” Chinese Wind Gong.The wind gong has a low center sound if tapped lightly in the middle. Continuing to tap around the gong brings out a shimmering tone of great beauty.  Comes with mallet.

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Description, Ltd. has chosen gongs from China, Indonesia and India for the fine quality of their sound. Gongs are ancient in origin. We find the gong as one of the eight classifications of musical instruments in China (the sound of metal). Many of the gongs found on these pages have a deep low tone which actually penetrates the body. The gongs and stands are not only beautiful for home decor, but are finding a vital place in holistic healing and meditation groups.

The mysterious sounds and overtones created by these gongs have been venerated for thousands of years. In ancient times the gong was considered to have magical power and was used for healing the sick. The soul of the person was believed to be empowered by being touched by the gong. Another use of the gong in the far East was to send messages and signals, similar to the use of the drum in Africa or the ocarinas in South America. Many steps of gong making are shrouded in mystery – the composition of the metal, the final tuning, the timing of the different phases. One big mystery is how the sound of the gong matures over many years. Before striking the gong, it should be tapped lightly several times to begin the vibration. Striking the gong in different places creates different sounds, depending on the overtones present. All of these gongs are hand-hammered. All gongs come with mallets.

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