Mozart Melody Dicer Composing Game


MOZART MELODY DICER This is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s original game for composing music, “Musikalisches Wurfelspiel”, K516f, called Melody Dicer for short. To play the game, one tosses dice or selects a number, then follows the directions which were set down by Mozart two centuries ago.

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Mozart Melody Dicer Composing Game

Mozart Melody Dicer  Composing Game (Musikalisches Wurfelspiel K 516f). The possibilities of different melodies that may be arrived at are almost limitless.
“The Melody Dicer can produce a phenomenal 100 quadrillion tunes, about 30 times as many people as there are in the world.” Newsweek International.
Playing the minuets from this game would keep the entire population of the world busy for the next 90 years. Listen to a Mozart minuet from the dicer Mozart Minuet from the Melody Dicer!

Mozart Melody Dicer  (Musikalisches Wurfelspiel K 516f)


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