Great Hand-Crafted Percussion Instruments from Africa & South America


Woven Basket Rattles "Caxixi"

Hand-crafted in West Africa (Ghana/Burkina Faso region), this set of 2 includes one with a gourd bottom (around 6" tall) and one with a metal bottom for nice contrasting sounds. $22 for the pair.

basket rattles, caxixi


Nazca Lines Gourd Rattle

Hand-decorated in Peru by carving and scorching the surface with hot air. 6-7" long. $18

Gourd Maracas from Peru

Play a pair in each hand. 5-7" long. $22


Kaeba Rattle / reed shaker filled with small stones. Rattles and jingles. Hand made in Kenya. 14"-15" long.$22.


cane basket rattle

Cane Basket Rattle from Kenya. Filled with small pebbles or seeds. Approx. 13"x8"x1". $18.

Hand-carved Rhino Rattle /Maraca from Kenya. Design of rhinos carved into a gourd with stick handle. One of a kind. 9.5" long.  $45.