Shaman Drum from Nepal

Hand-crafted wooden drum with a long handle shaped like the 3-sided Phurba Dagger, which signifies stability and the overcoming of obstacles.  The rattle sound is caused by sacred Rudraksha Seeds from the Rudraksha tree, said to be the tears of Shiva.   Drum is approx. 24 inches in length. Comes with beater.  Regular price: $350. 

Egyptian Dumbek

Beautiful inlay work is a feature of many Egyptian drums. This is a wooden drum with a natural skin head. It is hand-made so there are slight variations, but each one is around 8 inches tall with a 5 inch diameter head.

Buy now for $45

Berber Drum from Morocco

Crafted by the Berbers of North Africa, this square frame drum is great for keeping rhythm without being too loud in a storytelling session. It is traditionally held in front of the chest and tapped with the fingers. Natural skin and hand painted, each drum is different.  Handy for travelling. Size 5″x5″  $33.



Kayum from Mexico

is a terracotta drum that dates back to the Mayan civilization. The prototype is over 2000 years old. It's a horizontal drum with 2 openings, one covered with leather. The kayum can rest on the forearm while the free hand plays the rhythm. It can also be played with one hand while the other hand moves across the open hole to change the pitch, or it can be used as a water drum. Approx. 10" long and 4.5" high.  Made in Mexico.  $129.

Crown Percussion Bongos by REMO

Equipped with Type 7 REMO Tucked Fiberskyn drumheads (8.25"D and 6.75" D). Natural wood finish. Originally $149.95


Irish Bodhran

Celtic Cross Design, goatskin head. Beater included.
18" diameter.