Singing Bowls from India and Nepal

Singing Bowls from India and Nepal are rich in harmonics. When listening to these singing bowls, also called resting bells by percussionists, one realizes the ancient view of sound especially that of the gong as having an effect on the human psyche. Holistic healing and meditation groups are incorporating these instruments into their practice. Depending upon how these bells are struck, different partials or harmonics are heard. Rubbing the rim with a stick produces many overtones. The low fundamental tone of the singing bowl is heard most clearly by hitting it with a soft or rubber mallet.

These beautifully hand-crafted bowls look and sound terrific.


These Singing Bowls from Nepal are easy to play. Traditionally hand-hammered from seven different metals corresponding to the heavenly bodies: gold for the Sun, silver-Moon, mercury-Mercury, copper-Venus, iron-Mars, tin-Jupiter, and lead-Saturn.
Small )approximately 5″) $50

Medium (approximately 6″) $89.
Large  (approximately 7″) $120.

For larger sizes call.

These black Singing Bowls from Nepal are extremely resonant. They are made with similar metals as the bowls mentioned above, however, these bowls go through an added process whereby the background of the bowl becomes black. The bowls are decorated with Tibetan symbols, These bowls are made by the Tibetan monks. Designs differ.

The backs of these bowls are also decorated with Tibetan religious symbols and writing.

Small [sbb-11] (approximately 5″)$50

Medium [sbb-33] (approximately 6 “) $65.
Engraved Singing Bowl from India. Sings very easily when it is rubbed with the stick.
5″-5.25″ diameter  $68.

 5.5″-6″ diameter  $75.

6.5″ diameter $85.