Imagine... a wonderful new way for your kids to have fun with music.

For ages 4 and up!

It's the new Toot-In-Time Band from Carousel, a leader in educational musical concepts for children.

With Toot-In-Time, your kids learn basic musical skills while having fun with the adventures of the Toot-In-Time animal band. 


Here's how it works -- a delightful "fairy tale" story introduces the Toot-In-Time Band, 

music, story and rhythm instruments for young children
toot in time invitation

who in their misadventures miss their big opportunity to play in the big concert.  

They then ask your kids to "stand in" for them, and send them instructions and songs.

toot in time story illustration

Using the simple, easy-to-follow band arrangements from the Toot-In-Timers, your kids sing the lyrics to popular children's songs.

toot in time band playing instruments

Special "key" pictures tell them when to tap, toot and jingle.

It's learning through listening.

It's learning through rhythm.

It's learning through doing.

It's a tuneful good time for everyone when your little Toot-In-Timers strike up the band.

The "Toot-In-Time Band" rhythm band set includes the illustrated story book with music lessons and individual band arrangements of Yankee Doodle, London Bridge and Pop Goes the Weasel for 10 players and conductor. Instruments included: tambourine, castanets, rhythm sticks, 5 kazoos, slide whistle and washboard, with an animal conductor's baton. Carry bag included (not shown). 

Buy it now for $79.95

For Older Players

NEW Story Teller Sound Effects Sets

The intriguing sounds these instruments produce add another dimension of creativity and interest to the tales you tell.

The Small Story Teller Sound Effects Set includes a square Frame Drum with hand-painted natural skin from Morocco for tapping rhythms, a hardwood Cricket tone block/rasp from Vietnam that really ribbets when you rub it and an Energy Chime (A) for extra magic. Separately they would cost $68. Together as a set they are $59. Free shipping. Click the picture to buy.


The Deluxe Story Teller Sound Effects Set includes an Anklung rattle (F#) from Indonesia, an inlaid Egyptian dumbek with natural skin, a frame drum made by the Berbers of Morocco, a decorated gourd maraca from Peru, a Cricket rasp/tone block from Vietnam and a brass bell. Separately they would cost $134, but as a set they are $115. Free shipping. Click the photo to order.