World In Tune™ Music of the Ancient World, was originally written for schools, integrating the arts and sciences with music as the core of the study. However, to our surprise,  it found additional,  unexpected audiences, with Special Ed teachers, high school students and professional musicians. Consequently we found this  was due in great part to the colorful and informative writing of Dr. Willis Wager, who  said, “From a base in literature I had found treasure in teaching “art”, defined as material from nature — pigment, stone, words, sounds — that had been subjected to human effort and shaped by the human mind, giving it special value.”mediagreece3girls



World in Tune™  Music of the Ancient Worldmediasumerurharp

World In Tune TM is a program for ancient music,  emphasizing rhythm, modes, listening and creating sounds. WIT comes in two forms:  book or  media version. Optional additions for the program include laminated time-line charts, decorative instruments charts for bulletin boards and authentic instruments from around the world.

How it works  mediaegyptflute

World In Tune TM  integrates history, art, humanities, math, theater, and dance with music as the core. Having music as the integrator requires no great leap of faith, for in the ancient civilizations of China, India, Egypt, Sumer/Babylon, and Greece, music did hold this position. Ancient peoples realized its two-fold aspect: 1. of sounding mathematics and 2. as art which touches the heart. This encompassing world view of music, before the common era, placed ancient man in a Musical Garden of Eden.

This is what World In Tune presents to your students.

Much of World in Tune is in story form which can be enjoyed by all students and emphasizes basic ideas which are then elaborated on. This makes it appropriate for elementary and secondary levels.


World In Tune TM

WIT teacher's handbook covers five civilizations - Egypt, Sumer/Babylon, China, India and Greece - from approximately 3000 BCE to the beginnings of the first millennium AD.

This is an integrative curriculum with music as the core of the program for grades K-12, emphasizing rhythm, modes, listening and creating sounds.  Also contains general information about these five civilizations.  130 pages. $49.95

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Sample Pages from World In Tune

World In Tune Expanded Media Version CD + DVD


Included on CD ( for computer):

World In Tune book (expanded) The Ancient Music of Sumer/Babylon, Egypt, China, India and Greece (printable up to 35 copies) with  200 pages and 200 illustrations (130 in color) and musical examples.


Complete Timeline of Musical  Instruments for all Civilizations  spanning 3000 years



Included On DVD (for computer or TV):

Videos of Music and Instruments of Ancient Egypt, Sumer/Babylon, China, India and Greece


WORLD IN TUNE™(Complete CD + DVD) $89.95 [WIT-V]


“Another good source is World In Tune...World In Tune is an integrated approach to world music. Music was the center linked to all other disciplines. It is an approach geared to stimulate interest. Once an interest is aroused, learning follows and all students are engaged in the process because they want to.” Elise S. Sobol, Adjunct Professor Music Education at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development

“...Thank you for World In Tune. It’s a fascinating study for all children. It touches on so many aspects of life which are not usually connected with music.” Anne Brown, George Gershwin’s original Bess.